*Read Before Booking!*

- There are two-night minimums for U of A home football games and graduations. No cancellations for these events.
- You can book below for Ivory Dynasty (downtown Tuscaloosa) or for Everhope, located in Eutaw, about 32 miles west of Tuscaloosa.

- In-room refrigerators are listed as an amenity in applicable listings below.  Everhope room rentals in Eutaw have access to one shared refrigerator.

- Room rentals at Everhope come with simple continental breakfast items. Restaurants are walking distance from Ivory Dynsasty, and several rooms include kitchens.

- Given our country setting at Everhope, fast, reliable internet is still a dream!  However, Verizon provides basic cellular data coverage.  Free wifi is available within and immediately outside the Eutaw library for any data-intensive needs.

- One bedroom at Everhope, the Pecan Shelling House, has satellite TV.  If this room is unoccupied, you may access the TV.  Each room at Ivory Dynasty in downtown Tuscaloosa has at least one TV, if not two!

- Children over the age of 13 are welcome at Everhope, given it's historic B&B nature.  All ages are welcome at the Ivory Dynasty property.

- If your reservation was made within 48 hours of arrival, it is imperative that you notify us by phone, as instructed in your booking e-mail,
Our properties are self-service (Airbnb or VRBO-style), and aim to offer consistent awesomeness between each of our properties.