Memorabilia for sale

If you like it, take it home.


Collodge has been blessed with access to Bama memorabilia from old football lockers, now repurposed as bureaus, to game-worn equipment. Your room may not look the same the as the last time you arrived because we refurnish and redecorate as visitors choose to purchase anything from cups to couches.

White House Visit 2017 team picture
Super Bowl XXXIV cushion
Tostito's football
Tusk Grey Mirror
Glass door shelf
Smoke Free Campus sign
UA Street Sign
Autographed Walk On Photo
Inside Sports cover
Druid City Brewing sign
Bald Eagle picture.
Straight to Ale sign
License plates
Glass White A sign
Glass Coffee table
Red Leather Chair
White dotted chair
Metal A sign
Metal Big Al sign
Antique Hotel check-in stand
Wooden American Flag
National Champions 2018 poster
Sports Illustrated cover
Alabama Excellence sign

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